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Extras Use of Car for Road Test, Private In-home Tutoring, Adult Packages

Use Our Car For Your Road Test

New drivers frequently get nervous about taking their first road test. As such, we offer use of our training car.

When using our car for your road test, a State of Wisconsin Licensed Driving Instructor will take you through a pre-road test exam, which will help prepare you for the actual road test just moments before it occurs.

Adults Without A Permit

For adults 18 and older who do not have a Temporary Instruction Permit, we offer PRIVATE In-Home Tutoring to help prepare you for your Temporary Instruction Permit Exam. Then while everything is fresh in your mind, your instructor will take you to the DMV Testing Station for your Exam.

When you have your permit and leave the Testing Station, your first driving lesson begins.

Simply call to schedule an appointment.

Adult Driving

Our Adult Driving sessions run a full 60 minutes of actual behind-the-wheel training with a State of Wisconsin Licensed Driving Instructor. Discounts are available for pre-paid 3 and 5-hour packages.

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