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"When a driver's performance starts to visibly decline, a specialized, on-road test may become necessary to asses cognative function."

SafeWay's On-Road Evaluation

The SafeWay On-Road Evaluation is a revolutionary and objective way to asses individuals who may be exhibiting declining driving skills. It is also:

  • The world's only science based, behind the wheel, assessment that tests drivers on their cognative ability alone and not the 'rules of the road'.
  • Built using extensive on-road abd closedcourse research at the University of Alberta that included thousands of hours of observation, evaluation and correlation.
  • Defensive and consistent with known court decisions regarding criteria for non-discriminatory license removal from drivers with medival disabilities.
  • Trusted by commercial entities, healthcare providers, licensing authorities and driving examiners worldwide with 25,000+ assessments administered to date.

The SafeWay On-Road Evaluation is a revolutionary and objective way to assess individuals who may be exhibiting declining driving skills.

The SafeWay On-Road Evaluation utilized a computer-designed, on-road course, during which a certified driving instructor moderates the assessment. Unlike the road test most of us are required to take as we approach legal driving age, the driver is scored on numerous maneuvers specifically designed to challenge someone with cognitive impairment (CI). More specifically, The SafeWay On-Road Evaluation focuses on driving errors made by an individual with suspected CI and compares them to errors made by normal, healthy drivers of their own age group. These comparisons have allowed this technology to isolate and define the errors that are significant and high-risk. The errors made by the cognitively impaired driver are consequential and obviously enhanced by way of the type, frequency and/or severity of the error executed. This is critically important when identifying unsafe drivers, but it is also equally important to ensure that competent drivers do not fail.

All errors are entered into a computer and scored using a complex algorithm and, within 24 hours, a PDF report is produced. This can be used to objectively and accurately assist any authority in determining if an individual is unsafe to drive. Objective data dispels doubt.

Studies have shown that drivers with CI are an astonishing abd distressing seven times more likely to be involved in an at-fault crash. This is a 50% higher probability compared to alcohol-impaired drivers with a blood-alcohol content of .08%! If you employ or are treating an individual who is afflicted with a medical condition that caused CI or who has displayed deteriorating driving skills, you have a reason and responsibility to ensure that individual is safe to drive.

When you or your organization is faced with determining whether or not an individual is safe to drive, consider using the SafeWay On-Road Evaluation course that has been designed and is now operating in your vicinity. This on-road assessment has been specifically designed for healthcare professionals and fleet/safety managers (such as yourself) so that you could have access to a far superior and evidence-based resource used to assess driving fitness in your patients or employees.

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