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Teen Driver Education Offered to teens under 18

Basic Teen Program:

30 Hours of Classroom
6 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
6 Hours of Observation

  • All of the following programs are at an additional cost.

Modified Teen Programs:

30 Hours of Classroom
7 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
4 Hours of Observation

30 Hours of Classroom
8 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
2 Hours of Observation

Private Driving Teen Program:

30 Hours of Classroom
9 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel
0 Hours of Observation

  • NOTE: 9 and 0 students are given private driving lessons and are picked up at home, work or at school.
  • All the above teen programs meet the State of Wisconsin Teen Driver Education Requirements.

We also offer Classroom Only for students who want to take their Behind-the-Wheel later or Behind-the-Wheel Only for students who have already completed the classroom portion of the course.

Classes last from 3 to 7 weeks and are all state approved. Behind-the-Wheel instruction is given around your schedule. You can schedule lessons before classes, after classes or even on weekends.

If you notify us in advance you can use one of our cars for your road test.

If you would like your son or daughter to start one of our programs just choose the location nearest you
and either Enroll Online or completely fill out our Registration Form and mail it to us with the appropriate deposit.


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