Adult Private Driving

Adult Driver Education in Wisconsin

Arcade Drivers School, the first driving school in Wisconsin, has been providing adult driver education since 1950.

Adult Driver Training Programs

Whether you're a first-time driver over 18 or need a refresher course, Arcade Drivers School has got you covered. We offer private driving lessons and adult driver training programs that are convenient and designed to suit your needs!

Adults Without a Temporary Instruction Permit

We Can Help..!!

Arcade Drivers School provides private tutoring for adults aged 18 and above who do not possess a Temporary Instruction Permit. Our private permit study program aims to prepare you thoroughly for your permit exam. Once you're confident and ready, your instructor will accompany you to the DMV testing station. After successfully obtaining your permit, your first in-car training session will commence immediately.

Private Permit Study

Private Permit Study

  • Private tutoring session for permit test preparation.
  • Includes trip to DMV and private driving lesson.

Phone Our Office $95

Adult Permit Test Prep Course

Adult Permit Test Prep Course

  • Personalized preparation for the State of Wisconsin DMV permit test.

Phone our Office $99

Behind-the-Wheel Training with Permit

Nervous Beginners are our Specialty.

If you already have your permit or have recently acquired it, you can select one of our comprehensive behind-the-wheel training programs, designed specifically for adult training. Each adult training program includes:

  • A full 60 minutes of hands-on behind-the-wheel training per session.
  • Highly qualified driving instructors licensed by the State of Wisconsin.
  • Training vehicles equipped with dual controls for enhanced safety.
  • Complimentary pickup service from your home, school, or workplace.

Pay-As-You-Go Driving Lessons

Pay-As-You-Go Driving Lessons

  • No contracts.
  • Take as many lessons as you like.
  • Our instructors will evaluate and help with areas you need most.

Schedule Online $64.90/hour

3-Hour Package

3-Hour Driving Lesson Package

  • 3 hours of pre-paid driving instruction.
  • Free home, school or work pickup and drop off.

.. a $17.70 savings

Purchase Online $177

5-Hour Package

5-Hour Driving Lesson Package

  • 5 hours of pre-paid driving instruction.
  • Free home, school or work pickup and drop off.

.. a $29.50 savings

Purchase Online $295

10-Hour Package

10-Hour Driving Lesson Package

  • 10 hours of pre-paid driving instruction.
  • Free home, school or work pickup and drop off.

.. a $59.00 savings

Purchase Online $590

Use Our Car for Your Road Test

Take your state road test in our reliable vehicles and benefit from our experienced male and female driving instructors, all licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

Arcade Training Car

Road Test Car Service:

  • On-the-road pre-road test exam: Our State Licensed Driving Instructor will conduct an on-the-road pre-test exam, ensuring you are fully prepared and confident.
  • Convenient transportation: Drive to your road test appointment in our vehicle, taking advantage of the opportunity to reinforce your skills and knowledge immediately before the test.
  • Post-test drop-off: After your road test appointment, we will drop you off at your preferred location—be it home, work, or school.

With our road test car service, you can trust in our instructors' expertise and the reliability of our vehicles, ensuring a smooth and convenient road test experience.

Reserve Online $129.80

Start Your Driving Experience with Professional Guidance

The first step into driving can be daunting, but with appropriate instruction and a deep understanding of safety protocols, you can ensure your safety and that of others on the road. At Arcade Drivers School, we pride ourselves on our superior Driver Education Curriculum that differentiates us from other driving schools. Our curriculum is crafted to foster confidence in you as you navigate through various driving scenarios. In addition, our Safety Tips Page imparts valuable knowledge about safe driving, including defensive driving strategies, understanding safe driving distances, managing distractions, and handling tailgaters effectively.

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