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Empowering Parents, Ensuring Teen Driver Safety

Coaching from the Passenger Seat

A 12-lesson pre-license course for supervising parents or guardians

coaching from the passenger seat

While developmental and behavior issues coupled with inexperience impact teen crash risk, parents play a critical role in helping teens survive their most dangerous driving years.” ~ Governors Highway Safety Association

Coaching from the Passenger Seat is a comprehensive pre-license course designed for parents or guardians who supervise new drivers during the learner's permit phase. This self-paced online course comprises 12 essential lessons, guiding you as a parent from the initial discussion of setting ground rules to the day your teen goes for their license. You can progress through the course at your own pace, aligning with your teen's driving development and the time you can dedicate to coaching.

Danger Zone Training

“Statistics show that nationwide, each year, 42% of new drivers will be involved in a collision in their first year behind the wheel and 37% in their second year.”
danger zone training

This groundbreaking post-license online course is among the pioneers in its field, catering to new drivers. Following their independent driving phase, your new driver will receive a concise video lesson every two weeks, reinforcing the defensive driver training they received from Arcade. This innovative approach, known as 'spaced-learning,' presents small, easily digestible pieces of information at regular intervals, resulting in significantly improved retention rates. Studies on high-risk drivers have shown an impressive 35% reduction in collision rates during the first year. By utilizing video lessons, we deliver crucial information in an engaging manner that resonates with young learners, keeping them captivated throughout.

You will be your teen's primary driving coach!

Arcade provides your teen with top-notch classroom, online, and behind-the-wheel instruction. However, it is through supervised driving practice with you that they gain the essential experience needed for success!

Our parent care courses offer systematic guidance for practicing with your teen, ensuring their continued awareness even after they start driving on their own. To fully leverage these valuable resources, select a package that includes the parent care courses.

driver education obstacle course

Introducing the driver education obstacle course, powered by the Coaching New Drivers learning platform. The Parent Care Program from Arcade Drivers School is meticulously designed to deliver the most comprehensive driver education available in today's market!

This program comprises two online courses developed in collaboration with Mike Pehl, a seasoned crash investigator and driving educator with 30 years of experience. It specifically addresses the key danger zones leading to novice driver collisions, as identified by the Centers for Disease Control (cdc.gov). These danger zones include:

  • Driver Inexperience
  • Distracted Driving
  • Speeding
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Driving with Other Teen Passengers
  • Impaired Driving
  • Driving at Night
  • Seat Belts and Airbags

teen driver blueprint

The first course, Coaching from the Passenger Seat, provides a comprehensive guide for supervising your new driver from the initial discussion to the day of licensing and beyond. With Mike's engaging and straightforward instruction, both you and your teen can enjoy this course and the entire process.

The second course, Danger Zone Training for the New Driver, utilizes effective spaced-learning techniques to enhance retention of vital information. Each month, your teen will receive a new online lesson addressing the leading causes of novice driver collisions and offering strategies to avoid them. This valuable course keeps them engaged and aware.

By participating in this program, you, as their primary driving coach, will effectively prepare them for a lifetime of safe, responsible, and confident driving—both before and after they obtain their license!

Empower Your Teen's Driving Success with Our Parent Care Program! Take the Driver's Seat in Their Training Journey and Ensure Lifelong Safe and Confident Driving.

Launch Your Driving Journey with Expert Instructors

The initial venture into driving can be overwhelming, but with the right mentorship and a thorough understanding of safety protocols, you can ensure your safety and that of others on the road. At Arcade Drivers School, we offer a superior Driver Education Curriculum that differentiates us from our competitors. Our curriculum is designed to foster confidence in you as you navigate various driving scenarios. Moreover, our Safety Tips Page provides essential insights into safe driving, including defensive driving tactics, understanding safe driving distances, managing distractions, and effectively dealing with tailgaters.

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