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For over half a century, Arcade Drivers School has been at the forefront of driver education in Wisconsin, teaching the Smith Driving System's 5 Rules to countless new drivers. As the first driving school in Wisconsin to adopt the Smith Driving System as our primary curriculum, we've set a high standard for driving lessons. Our commitment to the Smith System, renowned for its focus on the top 5 points of safe driving practices, underscores our dedication to providing the best driver education in the United States. Learn to drive with us and gain the skills and knowledge necessary for safe, confident driving.

Understanding the 5 Rules of the Smith Driving System

The Smith Driving System's 5 rules equip drivers with the ability to navigate through diverse driving conditions, confrontations, and alterations, regardless of their location or the vehicles they operate. These 5 rules are crafted to endow drivers with the expertise and proficiency to establish three crucial elements while driving:

  • Space: Ensuring ample room to steer their vehicle away from potential conflicts
  • Visibility: Enhancing the ability to spot hazards and potential conflicts with other vehicles or stationary objects early
  • Time: Allowing sufficient time to respond to unpredictable and intricate driving situations

  • Our vision is naturally suited for pedestrian speeds.
  • Most individuals haven't visually or mentally adapted to the increased speeds of automobiles.
  • Anticipate your position at least 15 seconds into your future.
  • A 15-second lead time for your eyes provides an early warning and an extra safety buffer.
  • Utilize enhanced eye-lead time for more economical and efficient driving.

  • While looking ahead, remember to check the sides and rear as well.
  • Keep updating your information consistently.
  • Ensure to check at least one of your mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds.
  • Avoid focusing on irrelevant objects.
  • Stay vigilant to pertinent information that can aid in making informed decisions.
  • Remove visual obstructions by maintaining a proper following distance.
  • Keep a sufficient distance from other vehicles to gain the necessary visibility for independent decision-making.

  • Long focus on a single object can reduce your peripheral vision.
  • Always scan intersections before entering them.
  • Ensure your eyes are moving every 2 seconds.
  • Eye movement stimulates the brain, helping to resist fatigue.
  • Avoid in-vehicle and cognitive distractions.
  • Identify and steer clear of distracted drivers.

  • The safest spot in traffic is where there are few or no vehicles around you.
  • Whenever possible, create a space cushion around your vehicle.
  • Select the right lane and adjust your speed to maintain your space cushion.
  • If you lose part of your space cushion, strive to keep at least the front and one side open.
  • Be wary of tailgaters. Their presence increases the risk of collisions.

  • Identify potential hazards early.
  • Send your warning signals at the right time - not too early or too late.
  • Establish eye contact by using your vehicle's warning devices.
  • Don't assume others have seen you. Ensure your warnings are noticed.
  • While eye contact is valuable, it doesn't guarantee against unexpected events.

The Smith System of Driving w/ Harold Smith 1968

This video was released in 1968 to introduce drivers to the principle of the Smith System, a set of driving parameters that can be used by drivers to operate motor vehicles more safely. It's a great period piece with the cars and scenery, but the principles can still be applied today.

Begin Your Driving Adventure with Experienced Instructors

Embarking on your driving journey can be intimidating, but with the right guidance and a comprehensive understanding of safety measures, you can ensure your safety and that of others on the road. At Arcade Drivers School, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional driver education that sets us apart from our competitors. Our skilled tutors are committed to building your confidence as you navigate through diverse driving conditions. Moreover, our Safety Tips Page is a treasure trove of crucial insights into safe driving, including defensive driving techniques, understanding safe driving distances, managing distractions, and effectively handling tailgaters.

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